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2016 Winter/Spring Leagues



League play begins February 27th.  If you are interested in a team, contact the captain of the team.
Men Sunday Regular 3.5 6-person - Captain:  Steve Asercion
Men Saturday 50+ Doubles 8.0 - Captain:  John Walters
Women Monday Weekday Doubles 6.0 - Captain:  Suzanne Mikesell
Women Monday Weekday Doubles 7.0 - Captain:  Peggy Leander
Women Monday Evening Doubles 6.5 - Captain:  Margo Roeckl
Women Wednesday Weekday Regular 3.5 - Captain:  Carolyn Teragawa
Women Thursday Weekday Doubles 7.0 - Captain: Joanne Crosta


League play begins January 2016

Women 40+ 3.5 - Captain: Janine Carlson


League play begins late March 2016

Women 18+ 3.5 - Captain:  Janine Carlson


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