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1/22/2014 General Meeting and Elections

All Members:
In accordance with the DTC by-laws, a minimum of 5 board members are up for (re)election every other year. The next general meeting is scheduled for January 22, 2014, at which time candidates for the following board positions will be (re)elected:
  • President
  • Vice President
  • City Liaison
  • School District Liaison
  • Women's Interclub coordinator 
  • Social Director 
  • Fundraising Director
Candidates for these positions will be formally proposed by the Nominating Committee, consisting of one Board member and two regular members.  There can be more than one candidate for a position.
The members of the nominating committee for our next election are:

Grace Vaughn                         
Robert J Glassburner
Barry L Markman

The DTC Board is inviting you to participate in this process. You can do this by making yourself available for one of the above named Board positions.
Please email or call one of the nominating committee members as soon as possible,  if you are interested.  
The DTC Board

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