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Davis Tennis Club

The Davis Tennis Club (DTC) is a non-profit organization who's mission is to encourage participation in tennis at all ages and ability levels by sponsoring instructional, social and team-based programs that are open to all.

 Yolo Team Tennis

Yolo Team Tennis Tournament

When:  September 30, 8 am 
Where: Davis High School Tennis Complex

The Davis Tennis Club invites your team to participate in the second annual Yolo Team Tennis Tournament, Saturday Sept. 30 starting at 8am, at the Davis High School Tennis Complex, lunch included.  

The question we heard the most following last year’s tournament was when is the next one….well here it is!

There are two leagues, a 7.0 and an 8.0 combo.  The format is the same as last year’s tournament however, to add to the excitement this year substitutions are allowed during a set.  For those new to the team tennis format, each match consists of 5 abbreviated sets, women’s singles and doubles, men’s singles and doubles and mix doubles.  It’s all about the games.  The team who has the most at the end of the match is the victor.  For more information see the rules in the link below. 

To sign your team up for the tournament, send a message to Georgene Redmann  at with the following information:

• Name of your team

• Captain’s name

• List of team members

• League.  A= 8.0 Combo  OR  B=7.0 Combo (combined ranking of doubles players can’t exceed 8.0 or 7.0)

If you are an interested player in search of a team, you can email Georgene your name and rating.


All team members (except high school students) must either be a member of the Davis Tennis Club or Woodland Tennis Club to participate.   No tournament fee.

You can join either club at their websites: or

Lunch will be provided!

Team Tennis Rules


High School Court Info

Drop-in Tennis information 

High School (Community Park) Tennis Court Schedule

Court conditions - Davis, CA Forecast



You can also make a donation (using PayPal) to the DTC (check with your tax accountant to see if this is tax deductible):  Donate to Davis Tennis Club


Upcoming in 2017

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  • SATA and USTA Interclub leagues (Year round)


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