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2017 Fall Leagues



League play begins September 5th.  If you are interested in a team, contact the captain of the team.
Men Sunday Regular 3.5 6-person "Davis Respectable Mackerels" - Captains:  Steve Asercion and John Walter
Men Saturday 50+ Doubles 7.5 "Davis Farm Tennis Club" - Captains:  Dale Russell and John Walter

Women Monday Day Doubles 6.0 "The Racquettes" - Captains: Lisa Qvistgaard and Betsy O'Hanlon
Women Monday Day Doubles 6.5 "Davis Double Shots" - Captains: Mary Davis and Donna Reed

Women Tuesday Weekday Regular 4.0 "Davis Deucedays" - Captains:  Joanne Brennan and Carolyn Teragawa
Women Wednesday Weekday Regular 3.5 "Davis Wegulars" - Captains:  Carolyn Teragawa and Joanne Brennan

Women Thursday Weekday Regular 3.0 "Aces Wild" - Captains: Joanne Crosta and Peggy Leander
Women Thursday Evening Doubles 7.0 "Club-ACers" - Captains: Annemarie Zurborg and Christy Knutson

Women  Friday Day Doubles 7.5 "Party at the Net" - Captains: Peggy Leander and Margo Roeckl
Mixed Sunday Doubles 6.5 "Woodavistingers" - Captain: Elaine Snow


League play begins September 11th.


Combo Women 6.5 "Love All" - Captains: Margo Roeckl and Janine Carlson

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